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Missouri Traffic Court

Duties of Missouri Traffic Court

Missouri Traffic Court is responsible for handling all cased involving in a traffic violation in which a legal decision is required.  If you choose to plead guilty, the judge presiding over Missouri Traffic Court will accept your plea, ask you questions and determine your fines and sentences.  At this point you may request an alternative penalty, such as enrollment in Driving School, in lieu of other penalties.  If you are simply pleading guilty and do not require the services of the court, you would simply sign your citation and mail it to the Missouri Fine Collection Center with your check or money order in the amount of the fine:

Missouri Fine Collection Center
PO Box 104540
Jefferson City, Missouri 65110

Both guilty and not guilty pleas must be returned within 30 days of the citation.
If you choose to plead not guilty and go to trial, the judge will determine your trial date and whether or not a Jury trial is allowed by law in regard to your charges.  If at the trial the judge or jury decides that you are not guilty, the trial is over and you may leave.  If you are found guilty, the judge will determine your sentence and all fines associated with the conviction.  At this time, you have the right to request an appeal.

A Missouri Traffic Court judge may:

  • Order fines
  • Order jail-time
  • Order both fines and jail-time
  • Remand you to SATOP, Defensive Driving School, or any other program affiliated with the specific rehabilitation you may require; enrollment may be in addition to or in replacement of all other penalties


Services of Missouri Traffic Court

As noted above, Missouri Traffic Court is responsible for all traffic violations that require a legal decision; however, a driver charged with a citation can request a hearing and/or trial if they choose to plead not guilty.  A Missouri Traffic Court judge will assess your situation and charges and make determinations regarding:

  • Fines
  • Jail-Time
  • Driving School Alternatives
  • Enrollment in rehabilitation programs


A Missouri Traffic Court judge may also preside over your trial or grant a jury trial. If you require an Attorney, you can hire one on your own accord to represent you at your hearing and/or trial.  If you cannot afford an Attorney, the court may provide one for you or you can seek representation by contacting the Missouri Bar Lawyer Referral Service or Legal Aid office in their community.

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