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Number of Missouri Red Light Tickets Issued

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 22% of all traffic accident in the U.S. result from red light running, and these accidents kill close to 800 people per year.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation statistics, “In 2006, 42.7% of the total crashes occurring on the Missouri Highway System were at intersections with public roads or streets. These crashes resulted in 26.9% of the total fatal crashes.”  Red light running, again, contributes largely to these crash statistics. Recent statistics from St. Louis, MO show that the city has mailed more than 36,000 red-light citations, averaging 125 tickets a day, five citations per hour since the advent of the red light camera.  

These statistics are alarming considering the extent of injuries and fatalities that stem from red light running.  Inattentiveness is a prime culprit in most intersection crashes; however, it is also important to point out that the yellow light preceding the red light does not mean ‘hurry up and beat the red light.’  A yellow gives a driver enough time to slow their vehicle for the pending red light stop.

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