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Missouri Red Light Cameras

Missouri began experimenting with red light cameras in 2006 and have seen some success with them.  The purpose of red light cameras is to record incidents of red light running.  The camera also captures a picture of the license plate and, in some Missouri counties, the driver.  Once an incident is recorded, the driver is sent a red light ticket via mail.


There is current debate regarding Missouri red light cameras and the receipt of payment for the fine incurred.  While some counties have a photo of the driver to support the citation, other counties do not.  This leaves the burden of proof on the county to prove that you were, in fact, driving the vehicle.  In this case, a Missouri red light ticket can simply be thrown away and there is very little recourse.  For this reason, new ‘fine print’ is being added to the tickets in some Missouri counties.  It may now be a punishable violation for anyone to discard of and/or refuse to pay a red light camera citation. 


Some studies show that red light cameras have reduced the incidence of red light running and traffic accidents; however, other studies have indicated an increase in other types of accidents, such as ‘rear-end collisions’ because drivers know that the red light camera is present, so they may err on the side of caution and come to an abrupt, unnecessary stop. Despite critics’ rebuttals and noted quirks in the red light camera system, it is likely that red light cameras will remain in Missouri.

Dangers of Running Red Lights 

Unfortunately, not everyone heeds the law. Sometimes, people are too impatient or too rushed to stop for the red light. They charge through the intersection, risking a wreck in their zeal to get where they are going without stopping. Read more...


Number of Missouri Red Light Tickets Issued 

Texas has a major problem with drivers running red lights. For example, according to the Dallas City Hall website, out of all 50 states Texas ranks 4th when it comes to the number of red-light fatalities per person. Sure, we want to be competitive, but not for this! Read more...


Red Light Camera Locations 

Find a red light camera in your area.


What Are Traffic Lights? 

Traffic lights are structures placed at the intersection of two roads. Using different colored lights, they let drivers know when it is their turn to go across the intersection. Wherever there's an intersection, there's the possibility of an accident if two cars try to cross at the same time. Read more...


What To Do If You Ran a Red Light

If you are stopped for running a Texas red light, you will be issued a citation and will need to either pay the fine or appear in court. Fines for Texas red light tickets vary depending on the municipality where you were stopped, and also based on whether a policeman stopped you or your vehicle was merely caught on camera. Read more...

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