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Reduce Missouri DWI Charges and Fines

Missouri orders all drivers convicted of a DWI to enroll in SATOP, the Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program, before their license will be reinstated.  Depending on your BAC at the time of your arrest, you may also be ordered into an intensive program, also.

Because Missouri mandates enrollment in these programs, Defensive Driving/Traffic School may not be accepted by the court as an alternative to assessing points.  However, an Attorney may make this offering on your behalf.  Even if the proposal is rejected by the court, voluntary enrollment in a Defensive Driving School is a beneficial idea.
Driving University has a Missouri specific course that covers the topic of Missouri DWI as well as other driving safety topics.  While the courts may not recognize your efforts, your insurance company might.  Anything you can do after being convicted of a DWI will serve you well.  You have already made one costly and dangerous mistake, so it is advisable to refresh your driving skills and learn about the potential consequences of driving while intoxicated by enrolling in Driving University today.

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