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DWI Statistics

Reports show that the incidence of DWI’s had decreased in 2007.  This is based on the most recent and accurate reports posted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol for alcohol related traffic injuries and fatalities in 2006:

  • Fatal Crashes – 240
  • Personal Injury Crashes – 3,524
  • Persons Killed – 270
  • Persons Injured – 5,157

It is important to remember that the fatality is not always the drunk driver.  When you drink and get behind the wheel-of-a-car, you are risking the lives of other drivers on the road.  Thousands of people are injured and hundreds more killed in motor vehicle accidents every year in Missouri that could have been avoided if the driver made the responsible decision to stay out of his or her car and off of the roads.  Don’t be a statistic; don’t make someone else a statistic; Don’t Drink and Drive!

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