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Alcohol and Driving

Your brain and central nervous system are directly affected by consumption of alcohol.  The affects will be varied and the intensity of your impairment will depend on the amount of alcohol you have consumed and which part of the brain/central nervous system has been affected:

  • The first part of the brain to be affected is the Cerebral Cortex is the first portion of the brain to be affected.  Inhibition of thought processes, impairment of the senses and an overall feeling of euphoria and self-confidence will occur.
  • The Limbic System will be affected next and pronounced emotional responses, such as excessive crying, anger and withdrawal are evident.
  • The next part of the brain that will be affected is The Cerebellum which controls fine and gross motor movements. There will be a general loss of coordination and balance.
  • Alcohol will then affect the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary Gland which results in increased urges, decreased performance and frequent urination, thereby causing further distractions for the driver.
  • The Medulla is the last part of the brain/central nervous system to be affected, and the most dangerous and even fatal results will follow.  Immense amounts of alcohol will cause loss of consciousness and even death because your breathing, temperature, consciousness and heart rate will be adversely affected.


Alcohol is a depressant and works to slow-down or cause the brain/central nervous system to perform sluggishly.  Participating in any activity that requires you to focus or react quickly is challenging if you have consumed alcohol.  The combination becomes deadly if the activity involves operating a motor vehicle!

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