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Defensive Driving Techniques

‘Arrive Alive!’  This is a Missouri traffic safety message that reverberates in the ears of Missouri drivers across this great State.  With aggressive driving and road rage incidents consistently on the rise, Missouri was one of the first States to take a proactive stance and campaign to reduce these incidents by encouraging driving safety through the use of defensive driving techniques.

The Missouri ‘Arrive Alive’ campaign sponsors ‘Destination: Safe’ and was pleased to report reduced traffic crashes and incidents of aggressive driving in Missouri in 2007.  This is a significant victory in the fight against Missouri aggressive driving, and Missouri continues to forge ahead in the battle by highlighting the defensive driving techniques that keep drivers safe behind-the-wheel.  ‘Destination: Safe’ will continue to take to the roads and ticket drivers for aggressive driving behavior in an effort to promote driving safety; furthermore, teen drivers can visit the Missouri Youth Edition of the ‘Arrive Alive’ website and learn courteous and safe driving behavior early in their driving years, thereby reducing the likelihood that Missouri’s young drivers will behave aggressively on the road.  Missouri recognizes that defensive driving education is the key to reducing the incidents of aggressive driving.  The Missouri website walks teen drivers through a series of 10 lessons that define teen driving habits and address the consequences of having an aggressive attitude behind the wheel.  The lessons teach teen drivers the defensive driving techniques that will help them to remain focused, remain calm, remain in control, and therefore ‘Arrive Alive!’
Driving University is a Missouri defensive driving course provider and has tailored the Missouri course to reflect those defensive driving techniques that are encouraged by the Missouri DOR:

  • Keep your eyes moving. Notice what is happening ahead of you and on the sides of the road, and check behind you through your mirrors every few seconds
  • Pay special attention to oncoming vehicles. Many head-on collisions occur by distracted drivers crossing the centerline
  • Expect other drivers to make mistakes, and think what you would do if a mistake does happen.
  • Be ready to react if a vehicle does not stop. Never cause an accident on purpose, even if a pedestrian or another vehicle fails to give you the right-of-way.
  • Do not rely on traffic signals or signs to keep others from crossing in front of you. Some drivers may not obey traffic signals or signs.
  • At an intersection, look to the left and right, even if other traffic has a red light or a stop sign.


The Driving University Missouri Defensive Driving course is ideal for drivers of all ages.  With Missouri law enforcement ‘cracking down’ on incidents of aggressive driving and road rage, it is a good idea to learn or brush up on the Missouri Defensive Driving skills that keep us all safe on the road.

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