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What Information is Contained in your Driving Record?

Your Driving Record contains information related to traffic violations and the points associated with them.  If you have been cited for a speeding violation and have not had these points reduced or dismissed, they will appear on your Driving Record.  Also, any fines and tickets that remain unpaid will also appear on your Driving Record.

Your Driving Record also contains personal information and should be guarded.  Certain state agencies and authorized officials have access to this in-depth Driving Record; however, your personal information cannot be released to unauthorized individuals without your consent.  Examples of the personal information contained on your Driving Record are your full name, your address, your social security number, your driver’s license number, your physical characteristics, your telephone number and your photograph.  This is information that will cause serious detriment if released into the wrong hands, so access to the personal information on your Driving Record is restricted under The Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act.

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