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Drivers Education

Driver’s Education, sometimes referred to as Driving School, is a series of classes taught by certified Driver’s Education instructors and is meant to prepare teens and new drivers for the Missouri written and behind-the-wheel driving tests.  While Driver’s Education is not mandatory in Missouri, it is highly recommended for teen drivers.  The content of a Driver’s Education course is specific to Missouri traffic laws and regulations and will teen drivers to prepare for their new responsibilities as a driver.


Who Is Required To Complete It?

Missouri does not require that teenagers or new drivers enroll in a Driver’s Education course as a prerequisite for obtaining their driver’s license.  However, qualified persons who are accompanying student drivers in their behind-the-wheel training should exercise their best judgment and recommend a Driver’s Education course as an added safety measure.  Driver’s Education courses will reinforce the driving skills that these students need in order to safely operate a motor vehicle.  Furthermore, it is likely that insurance companies will reward a teen driver for their efforts in the form of reduced premiums and insurance discounts.


What Agency Regulates It?

Driver’s Education courses are regulated by the Missouri Safety Center and are taught at the University of Central Missouri.  The Missouri Safety Center, in collaboration with the Commission on Higher Education, has developed the guidelines for Driver’s Education and Driver’s Safety related courses.  Instructors are certified by the Department of Education to teach Driver’s Education courses. 


Who Teaches Driver’s Education and What Are Their Requirements?

Missouri Driver’s Education Courses are taught by certified teachers who have met the requirements set-forth by the Department of Education and the University of Central Missouri.  These requirements include:

•    Attendance at online or onsite courses
•    4 courses in total at 3 hours each, for a total of 12 hours of instruction
•    30 mandatory onsite hours for 2 of the courses

Driver’s Education instructors must already be certified teachers in the State of Missouri in order to enroll in the Driver’s Education Instructor courses at the University of Central Missouri.  Missouri Driving Instructors must hold a valid Missouri Driver’s License.

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