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Missouri Department of Revenue History

Whereas some States have a separate motor vehicle division, Missouri’s Department of Revenue handles all motor vehicle and driver related tasks and issues.

Established in 1945, Missouri’s Department of Revenue (DOR) was created to serve as the collection agency for all State revenue such as registration fees, licensing fees and taxes, and the department is responsible for all testing, assessment and maintenance of the rules that govern such tasks. 

In conjunction with the Missouri DOR functions the Missouri Department of Transportation.  MoDot’s primary revenue is generated from fuel tax, licenses, fees and one-half of all motor vehicle sales tax.  

With the advent of technology, the Missouri DOR is working to bring a more accessible, user friendly system to the state population.  This will include better customer service and electronic forms that will help to expedite the handling of all requests through the DOR online portal.

The Missouri DOR has delegated specific tasks within 2 separate departments: the Motor Vehicle Bureau and the Driver Licensing Division.

The Motor Vehicle Bureau is responsible for the collection of all titling and registration fees, as well as for the issuance of specialty license plates and disability placards.  The Motor Vehicle Bureau is also responsible for monitoring the licensure of car dealers and dealerships in the State of Missouri.

The Driver Licensing Division is responsible for handling all issues that pertain to Missouri State law in relation to traffic and driver safety.  These responsibilities include but are not limited to driving records and points, traffic tickets, alcohol-related issues, issuance and suspension of driving privileges, examinations, drivers education and more.

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