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The Difference between Defensive Driving and Driver’s Education

Driver’s Education is not mandatory in Missouri; however, the course is offered in schools and at State approved training centers.  Teens may choose to complete a Driver’s Education as an added safety measure.  Driver’s Education instructs drivers on rules-of-the road and prepares them for the Missouri driver’s licensing written and road tests.

Defensive Driving School, on the other hand, focuses on the defensive driving skills that make you a safer, more conscientious driver.  The course content differs from Driver’s Education course content in that the emphasis is on driving behavior that will improve your knowledge foundation.  In other words, Driver’s Education instructs you in driving fundamentals while Defensive Driving School builds on these fundamentals by stressing the importance of awareness and safety.  Voluntary, successful completion of both Driver’s Education and Defensive Driving School completion may result in reduced insurance premiums and/or insurance discounts.

Finally, while Driver’s Education is not mandatory, enrollment in a Defensive Driving School may be court-ordered.

What Agency Regulates the Course Content and Requirements?

The Missouri Safety Center has monitored Missouri’s safety requirements since 1967.  In conjunction with the Commission on Higher Education, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee has established the guidelines by which Defensive Driving Schools will operate.  All Missouri State approved Defensive Driving Schools will operate in accordance with these guidelines and will deliver course content that is specific to driver safety in Missouri.

The Missouri Safety Center has several approved class locations throughout Missouri; in addition, Missouri has approved the online delivery of Defensive Driving School through Driving University.  For the utmost in convenience and flexibility, online Defensive Driving School is the way to go!

Insurance Discount

Keeping your driving record point free and successfully completing a Defensive Driving School will signal to insurance companies that you are a low risk driver. Insurance companies will be pleased by your effort to improve your driving skills, and you could be rewarded.  A reduction in insurance premiums keeps money in your pocket every year. 
Teen drivers are especially susceptible to increased premiums because of their inexperience behind-the-wheel.  Insurance companies will commend a teen’s efforts to improve their driving skills by attending a Defensive Driving School and, again, you may see discounts and/or reductions in premiums.  The small fee associated with attending a Defensive Driving School pales in comparison to the money you will save yearly.

Because your insurance premium is based primarily on your driving record and driving history, accumulating points on your driving record will hurt you.  For example, a driver who receives points for a traffic violation such as speeding ticket will be assessed points on their driving record, and an insurance company will raise your premium as a result of your risky driving behavior.  In fact, there is a specialized liability insurance form called an SR-22 that must be issued to drivers who accumulate a certain amount of points on their driving record or who commit certain driving offenses. This insurance is costly and may result in hefty new premiums; even worse, your insurance company may ‘drop you’ completely.  If you can avoid this point accumulation by attending a Defensive Driving School, it is highly recommended that you take this opportunity.

Ticket Dismissal and Missouri Online Defensive Driving School

Missouri State statute, Chapter 302 Section 302.302, dictates that a Missouri Driver may attend a Missouri State approved and court ordered Defensive Driving School in lieu of receiving points on their Missouri Driving Record.  The point and ticket dismissal, of course, is contingent upon successful completion of Defensive Driving School.  

On your court date, you or your Attorney may petition the judge to allow you the option of completing a Defensive Driving School.  Once you have been granted this request, enrollment must be immediate and successful completion must be within 60 days of your start-date.  Upon successful completion, a certificate will be submitted to the court and your traffic ticket and points may be dismissed.  Again, considering the benefits of keeping your driving record free of points, this is highly recommended.  Driving University is a Missouri State approved Defensive Driving School and will expedite the handling of your certificate to ensure that the courts are immediately made aware of your successful completion, thereby expediting the reinstatement of your license and point reversal.

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