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What Affects Insurance Rates?

Points!  Points are the number one cause of increased auto insurance rates.  Auto insurance companies must assess your rates based on the level of risk you carry, so you will be considered high-risk if your Missouri Driving Record is indicative of poor driving behavior.  Traffic citations, such as speeding tickets, will be noted on your Missouri Driving Record and will hurt you financially, as will more serious offenses such as DUI/DWI.

Also, having to file an SR-22 form with your insurance company will have the most adverse impact your insurance rates.  An SR-22 is required when you have been cited for serious traffic offenses such as DUI/DWI, Failure to Show/Maintain Insurance, excessive speeding tickets and more.  

Missouri Defensive Driving School, however, has a positive effect on your insurance rates.  Successful completion of a Missouri Defensive Driving School, such as the one offered by Driving University, indicates to an insurance company that you take your responsibilities as a driver very seriously.  This also indicates to an insurance company that you are low-risk and the reward will be lower insurance rates.  Also, although Driver’s Education is not required in Missouri, a teenager who voluntarily completes a Missouri Driver’s Education course may be eligible for reduced insurance rates and insurance discounts.  Enrollment in a Missouri Defensive Driving School or Missouri Driver’s Ed course has the added benefit of peace-of-mind, because you or your teen is learning driving skills that will keep you safe on the road.
Essentially, if you are looking for prime insurance rates, be proactive by signing up for Missouri Defensive Driving and/or Driver’s Ed and keep your Missouri Driving Record clean by driving safely.

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