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Levels of Auto Insurance

Missouri requires every vehicle to be covered by the minimum auto insurance designated by the Missouri DOR; however, increased levels of insurance can be obtained at the discretion of the driver.  For example, while the minimum coverage required by the Missouri DOR is pretty significant, parents of teen drivers may benefit from increasing their levels of insurance.  The mere thought of having a child involved in a motor vehicle accident is disturbing, to say the least, but increased coverage can bring some peace of mind in knowing that your child is protected in the event that an accident does occur.  Increased premiums may seem excessive, but these premiums are minimal compared to the amount you may have to pay out of pocket if your coverage is not enough to cover the cost of physical and/or property damage.  It is important to remember that teen drivers are involved in nearly 30% of all Missouri traffic accidents;, so while it may not be financially prudent to pay premiums on $100,000 worth of bodily injury coverage, you should discuss with your auto insurance company a happy medium in auto insurance coverage.  This will ensure that your teen driver and your family are protected.

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