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Insurance Discounts

Insurance can be costly, especially if you are ensuring a teen driver or if you have accumulated points on your Missouri driving record, so it is wise to research the ways in which you can earn Missouri auto insurance discounts.

The first and most obvious way in which to keep your auto insurance premiums low and earn insurance discounts is to keep your Missouri driving record point-free.  Points are assessed on your Missouri driving record every time you are found guilty of a Missouri traffic violation.  Insurance companies take your driving record and the amount of points you accumulate into consideration when determining your auto insurance premiums and insurance discounts.  If your Missouri driving record is point free, you will see the most significant savings in auto insurance premiums; however, if your driving record is marred by points or if you are required to provide SR-22 proof of insurance, you will be paying a hefty amount to your auto insurance company.

Driving University offers a Missouri specific Defensive Driving course, and voluntary enrollment in this course may also earn you discounts on your Missouri auto insurance.  Auto insurance companies must take into account the risk you pose as a driver, so they are generally pleased to see that you have taken the appropriate steps to becoming a safe and courteous driver.  Voluntary enrollment in a Defensive Driving course can, therefore, earn you reductions and discounts in your auto insurance premiums.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you request enrollment in a Defensive Driving school whenever you have been found guilty of a traffic violation.  The court may honor your request and, in lieu of points being assessed on your driving record, you can satisfy your obligation with your successful completion of the Defensive Driving course.  Of course it is ideal to drive safely and courteously and avoid traffic violations, but we may all find ourselves guilty of a minor traffic infraction at some point in our lives.  Do not make this a habit!  Keeping points off of your driving record should be your priority in all situations.

Finally, asking one insurance company to handle all of your insurance needs may also earn you insurance discounts and reductions.  Bundling your auto and home-owners insurance with one insurance agency is typically a wise and frugal decision.

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