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Comparing Companies

Research!  Research! Research!  Missouri Insurance Companies are in abundance, and all have something different to offer to exemplary drivers.  If you are a safe driver with a point-free Missouri Driving Record, you are in an excellent position to haggle for the best rates; however, don’t expect an auto insurance company to roll out the red carpet and specialize rates just for you.  While you may deserve the royal treatment, insurance companies keep pace with each other, and smaller insurance companies generally follow suit with larger insurance companies in the State.  It is not in an insurance company’s best interest to reduce rates dramatically for one customer, so research the current minimum rates and be sure to insist on them being made available to you.

Insurance companies have made themselves quite accessible with the advent of technology.  Practically every insurance company now has a website, and some even provide the luxury of obtaining rate quotes online.  Take advantage of this feature and research as many insurance companies as is possible; however, do not allow each and every insurance company to obtain a copy of your credit report, which is now common practice when issuing insurance.  A massive amount of inquiries will definitely hurt your credit.  The most practical solution is to have a copy of both your Missouri Driving Record and Credit Report so that you can participate in free rate quotes using accurate information and then choosing 2 or 3 companies that best meet your needs based on the information you provide.  Once you have narrowed down your choices, speak directly to an agent from each company and discuss your coverage options, premiums and deductibles.  Once you’ve chosen an auto insurance company, you can sleep well knowing that you have made an informed and advantageous decision!

Do not expect this same luxury when you are obtaining insurance with a marred Missouri Driving Record.  Your rates will be high, and some auto insurance companies may deny you altogether!  However, rates will still vary, so do your homework and find the one that best suits your needs at rates you can afford.

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