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Auto Insurance

There is no avoiding it.  If you have a vehicle registered in the State of Missouri, you are required to have Missouri auto insurance coverage.  The points, fees and suspensions associated with a failure to maintain Missouri auto insurance are immense, and the Missouri DOR does an excellent job of keeping track of such infractions. Read more


Defensive Driving

Missouri Defensive Driving School is offered both at physical locations across the State and via State approved online format through Driving University.  The Missouri Safety Center approves all Defensive Driving Schools and courses as part of their Driver Improvement program. Read more


Drivers Ed

The Missouri Safety Center offers summer Teen Driver Education programs and teens are highly encouraged to attend.  While Driver’s Education courses are not mandatory in Missouri, teenagers and new drivers will benefit from all of the supplemental instruction that is available to them. Read more


Driving Record

Your Missouri Driving Record should be treated with a great deal of respect and should be guarded.  Accumulated points will affect you adversely and can result in insurance premium increases and possible suspension or revocation of your Driver’s License. Read more


Driving Safety

‘Arrive Alive!’  This is a Missouri traffic safety message that reverberates in the ears of Missouri drivers across this great State.  With aggressive driving and road rage incidents consistently on the rise, Missouri was one of the first States to take a proactive stance and campaign to reduce these incidents by encouraging driving safety through the use of defensive driving techniques. Read more


Department of Revenue

Whereas some States have a separate motor vehicle division, Missouri’s Department of Revenue handles all motor vehicle and driver related tasks and issues. Read more



The titles ‘Attorney’ and ‘Lawyer’ are used synonymously and interchangeably.  It is important to note that no distinction was made between ‘Attorney’ and ‘Lawyer’ in this content and either a Missouri DWI Attorney or Missouri DWI Lawyer can handle your DWI case effectively. Read more


Red Light Cameras

Missouri began experimenting with red light cameras in 2006 and have seen some success with them.  The purpose of red light cameras is to record incidents of red light running.  The camera also captures a picture of the license plate and, in some Missouri counties, the driver.  Once an incident is recorded, the driver is sent a red light ticket via mail. Read more


Speeding Tickets

According to the most recent statistics gathered by the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, of all 2006 Missouri traffic crashes, more than 16 percent were speed related. Read more


Traffic Court

Missouri Traffic Court is responsible for handling all cased involving in a traffic violation in which a legal decision is required.  If you choose to plead guilty, the judge presiding over Missouri Traffic Court will accept your plea, ask you questions and determine your fines and sentences. Read more

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